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Electronic Music Producer & DJ from London


MYKOOL is a talented drum and bass artist who discovered his passion for music in 2011 while exploring the intricacies of sound design. Fascinated by the process, he began to recreate music from his favourite TV shows and games, before branching out to create his own tracks. After experimenting with different genres such as house and chillstep, MYKOOL eventually found his musical calling in drum and bass.

Over the years, MYKOOL has released numerous tracks with labels such as Nu Venture Records, Dark Mode (4NCY), and Hospital Records, where he collaborated with Lost Child on their Future Symptoms EP. Recently, he has been releasing with YANA Music, a label run by Toronto Is Broken, where he has made a name for himself with his sound.


MYKOOL's career has seen him perform at various venues, including Hospitality On The Beach, Boiler Room, Pop Brixton, and Basement 45. He has supported acts such as Tantrum Desire, Subsonic, Document One, and Philth, as well as headlining for Rave Reborn, impressing audiences with his dynamic and electrifying performances.

With the support of Radio 1 and Kiss Radio, MYKOOL's music has become increasingly popular, leading up to the release of his album "Aura" on April 28, 2023. The album features collaborations with PAV4N, a founding member of the UK hip-hop crew, Foreign Beggars, Toronto Is Broken, Lost Child and Lateral. Aura showcases MYKOOL's growth as a musician, highlighting his skills as a vocalist and producer, and is set to be his most exciting release to date. With his passion for innovation and pushing the boundaries of drum and bass, MYKOOL is poised for continued success and growth in the electronic music scene.

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