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Bad Apple Boxing Day

The 26th of December marked the day of my biggest Drum & Bass set yet, held in none other than the club I did my first gig, Bad Apple Croydon!

It was definitely an experience to take over the club for the entire night, I sort of know what Andy C feels like to do a set that long now. My thoughts: my body felt like it was collapsing on itself towards the end. Standing for that long bobbing to the music can really do a number to your back, in this case my lower back but also my sides. I know some DJ's that reguarly do 6 hour sets at clubs in London, I guess you just have to get used to it.

Thank you all who came down, this is a milestone in my DJing career for sure. It's unfortunate but Bad Apple has shut down since the event, I was told they had sold the place on the night of the event so I won't be able to play there any longer. It's sad to hear cause we had a great community of Metal heads and Drum & Bass lovers - we'll have to find some place new.

Again, big up to all who joined in the fun, and thank you to all involved who made this possible.

Footage on my Instagram:

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