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Rave Reborn Vol 4: Final Cut

Updated: Jan 29, 2020

Many of you may have seen the updates of my social media about an event called Rave Reborn. It was based in Riga, Latvia. I was invited by my friend, Yuri, though you may know him as Urbanstep. When he asked me to come to and play at this event my reaction was an instant "Yes!". I've never played at an event out of the country and I was even invited to play - to good of an opportunity to pass up, it was also the milestone of my first solo "holiday". At this point I wasn't even thinking of the money that it would cost to fly there, this is something I love and something I want to do, so money comes second to experience, though Yuri was kind enough to pay for my set so I get some of the expenses back!

I arrived in Riga around 1PM where I was picked up by two of Yuri's friends - Alex and Max. Alex was playing at the event and Max is the event organiser, both awesome people! We got some food then went to a flat, that's where I met Forest. His hospitality is second to none, he also showed me around Riga before the event which is where I snapped the following photos.

We turned up at the club at 10PM which is the time the event started and the first DJ was playing. The music of the night was pretty diverse - mainly Drum & Bass and all its sub genres but also Dubstep, Trap, and House. People were slowly appearing until about 2AM where it peaked, Urbanstep was playing before me and they crowd was wild, I was getting anxious the closer it got to my set but I knew that it would all turn out alright.

Safe to say the set was a success, everyone loved it and I had a great time! All the double drops I planned went extremely well (I thought they would), and the crowd was super energetic and responsive too. A lot of the set was recorded and a lot of photos were taken which I'm looking forward to seeing.

Thank you all who joined for Rave Reborn, I had an amazing time, I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did! Special thanks to the staff and the event organisers, and @urbanstepofficial for inviting me to the event, good luck in LA bro! And Riga, keep on raving! 💪

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