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Retrolite EP

Updated: May 2, 2018

It's finally here, and out in all music stores. I've been working on this EP for a while, lots of tweaking here and there. One track is over 2 years old, the rest were made near the end of 2017 when I had the idea to create an 80's retro-themed project. Here's the finished result! Hope you enjoy the EP. I have more to come soon but I'll leave you with this for now:

Enter Your Name (feat. Rachel Clark) 0:28 - 3:25 When I made this I wanted you guys to feel like it's an introduction to the EP but to also put you in a retro-like atmosphere, the robotic vocals, synth-wave drums all the way to inserting that coin into the arcade machine.

Overdrive (feat. Alexandra) 3:25 - 7:51 This is the star track of the EP for me. I wanted to keep that 80's feel and incorporate it into Drum & Bass, obligatory vocals from Alexandra! Huge inspiration from Metrik on this one, he's been riding this style from his latest album Life/Thrills which I absolutely love.

Retrolite (feat. Rachel Clark) 7:51 - 12:04 The headliner! In this track, I went for a racing game feel. When I listen to this I'm imagining an outrun sort of game. High energy and a fast beat!

Neon Hearts (feat. Kate Wild) 12:04 - 15:48 This track was something I cooked up a long time ago, it's been up and coming for a while. The style is pushing early 90's but I think it still fits the theme... just about. A lot of inspiration from songs like "Music Sounds Better With You" and "Groovejet".

Hope you enjoy the EP!

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